I am a provider, how do I refer my client for your services?

You may refer your patient by selecting the "Patient Referral" tab located in the website header.  The patient will be contacted within 24-48 hours to set up their initial appointment, and to answer general questions.  If they would like to self-schedule, they may do so via one of the following methods:

Option 1 (Preferred)-  Visit our website Talquin-Psychiatry.org, Go to the "Register/Sign Up" page, and select "Schedule an Adult Appointment" ( for those ages 18+) or "Schedule a Pediatric Appointment" ( for those ages 5-17).  The intake paperwork is included in the calendar registration.

Option 2-  Call the toll-free number 877-825-7846 to schedule their initial appointment with one of our representatives.

How do I schedule an initial appointment, and/or sign up for services?

For new patients, Go to the "Register/Sign Up" page.   You may also call the toll-free number 877-825-7846 to schedule the initial appointment with one of our representatives.

How do I schedule a follow up appointment?

Visit the "Patient Portal" page.  You will need to provide the password to access this page.  The password is located in the "Welcome" packet, in the "Self-Service" section.  Links for follow ups are at the bottom.

Do you offer therapy?

No, unfortunately we do not provide therapy services, nor do we have any affiliates at this time; however, you can visit our website, and go to the "Resources" tab.  There, you may find a list of online psychotherapy providers, as well as free therapy options.  We do not endorse any of these companies, nor do we recommend any one service provider.  Contact your insurance company to find out who's within your network, and what services they will cover.

How do I cancel, or re-schedule my appointment?

On the confirmation page of the appointment you have scheduled, scroll to the bottom.  There you will see the links to "Cancel or Re-schedule my Appointment."

How do I cancel my subscription?

Visit the "Patient Portal" page using the password provided in the "Welcome" packet.  There, you select the "Special Requests" form, and  select "cancel my subscription."  The cancellation typically takes 24 -48 hours for processing.  You may also e-mail the support team directly at [email protected]; at which time, you will be sent the form to complete and sign for your file to be updated.

I have insurance, how do I update that information?

Visit the patient "Portal Page" using the password provided in the "Welcome" packet.  There, you will find a link to "Update my Information."  There, you may provide updated insurance information.

How do I get a message to my provider (request a medication refill, forms for school, accommodation letters, work notes, etc.)?

Visit the "Patient Portal" page using the password provided in the "Welcome" packet.  There, you will find a link to "Special Requests."   Using the "Special Requests" form, you may make a number of requests and/or inquiries that the support staff, your provider, or one of our clinical managers will address within 24 hours.

Can I request an appointment for a date/time that is not available on the calendar?

Yes, but approval depends on the availability of the provider.  Providers may have openings, or cancellations that would allot time to see patients that are not on their schedules for the day, or allow them to see a patient at an earlier time.  In some cases, the provider may opt to extend hours for specific cases, extenuating circumstances, and/or emergencies.   Visit the "Patient Portal" page using the password provided in the "Welcome" packet.  There, you will find a link to "Special Requests," and an option to select date specification, earlier appointment requests, or request a visit for the next available opening.  You may also call to speak with one or our representatives (using the toll-free number 877-825-7846), who can reach out to your provider to check their availability; or e-mail your provider directly (be sure to "CC" the support team at [email protected]).

I have a friend I would like to refer to Talquin Inc, how do they sign up?

Visit the website talquin-psychiatry.org, and go to the "Register/Sign Up" page.  Or thay may the toll-free number 877-825-7846 to schedule their initial appointment with one of our representatives.

How do I request a copy of my chart, or documents submitted?

Visit the "Patient Portal" page using the password provided in the "Welcome" packet.  There, you will find a link to "Special Requests."   With the request form, you may request a copy of your chart, lab work, scanned documents, etc.  This process will take up to 2 business days to provide all requested documentation to the e-mail provided.  NOTE:  When requesting documentation to be sent to an e-mail address other than that of the patient's e-mail on file, a "Release of Information" form must be completed in order for this request to be honored.  For faster service, you may log into my "My Chart" link, also located within the "Patient Portal" page, and access this information directly.

Where do I find Talquin's Patient Policies?

Visit the "Patient Portal" page using the password provided in the "Welcome" packet.  There, you will find a link to "Patient Policies," with information pertaining to guidelines for services with Talquin INC, as well as contractual information, and agreements.  You may also locate these policies from the downloadable PDF of the intake paperwork that was automatically sent with the confirmation of your intake form submission.  If you do not have this paperwork, and would like a copy, you may submit a request, or view it in the "My Chart" portal.

How do I get an Urgent message to my provider?

E-mail your provider directly, as this is typically the fastest method, and "CC:" the support team at [email protected].  All e-mails sent to the support team will receive a reply within 24 hours.  In the event that your provider is not available, a member of our clinical support team, or one of our clinical managers will reach out to address all inquiries, requests, concerns, and/or issues in order to provide prompt service.

Where can I get a "Welcome" Packet?

"Welcome" packets are automatically sent to all new patients who have completed the intake process, and submited the required intake paperwork.  If you are an existing patient, do not have a "Welcome" packet, and would like one; please e-mail our support team at [email protected] and request one.

What is the "Welcome" packet?

The "Welcome" packet is everything patients need to know regarding their care with Talquin Inc.  It also contains all of the forms (via selectable hyperlinks) that are located on the patient portal for easy access.  The "Welcome" packet outlines our policies, and may answer common questions pertaining to guidelines, why certain things are being requested (such as screenigns, and labs), as well as general expectations of both the patient, and the provider.  We practice transparency, and keep an open line of communication.  The "Welcome" packet provides general information about our company,  and outlines measures we have in place to reduce wait times, and delay in care.

Why Do I need to fill out a form for nearly EVERYTHING?

The forms are submitted directly to our support team, who either addresses the items selected directly by providing the information/documents requested, schedule changes, subscription updates, answering questions, and handeling cancellations.  This also allows faster, and more targeted correspondences in reference to contacting providers directly.   These forms are also accessible to the clinical management team once they have been submitted.  These measures are in place so that our patients are not going without psychiatric and bridge care services due to unavailability of required resources (provider accessibility, medication management, and follow up services).  In the event that there is a need that must be met, and a particular provider is not available; a member of the management team will be made aware of particular requests, as well as status of requests, in order to expedite the process for prompt responses, and continuity in care.

How do I get access to the "Patient Portal?"

The "Patient Portal" is for active patients only.   Once the intake paperwork is completed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail with the "Welcome" packet attached.  Provided in the "Welcome" packet will be the password to the "Patient Portal."  The password is changed periodically for safety, and security; in which case, the updated password will be e-mailed to the patients who are active within our system.

Do I need an appointment to speak with my provider?

No, an appointment is not required to speak with/contact your provider.   Direct messaging or e-mails are preferred methods of contact.  In order to speak with your provider directly (primarily during peak business hours) it may be beneficial to schedule an appointment, or request a call back using our toll free number (877-825-7846).  Direct provider contact depends on the availability, and work schedule of the requested provider.  NOTE:  Requests for call back do not guarantee an immediate call back; however, someone from our clinical team will respond within 24 hours.

Most problems can be addressed using the "Special Request" form.  Medication education questions, educational materials, general instructions, lab order requests, pharmacy changes/updates, etc. are all things that the support staff are to address using the "Special Request" form, in order to expedites the process, and decrease wait times for problem resolution.

To review your treatment plans, therapeutic information and management of conditions, medication management (such as change of medications, dose changes, condition symptom evaluation, therapeutic efficacy assessment, etc.), as well as reviewing of chart data and lab work; an appointment is required.

For therapy related questions, including issues pertaining to coping skills, tools, and methods; personal empowerment; dealing with environmental stimuli and stressors; and/or general guidance/talk therapy, we recommend psychotherapy as we do not provide psychotherapy at this time.

How do I get in contact with my provider if I am in crisis?  

For suicide prevention, including the national 9-8-8 toll free number, suicide hotline information (Call: 1-800-273-TALK (1-800-273-8255) or Text: "HOME" to 741741).  Call 911, contact other Emergency/Crisis Services, or report to the nearest Emergency Room.

Visit our "Resources" page for resources that may potentially be beneficial to your specific situation (ei: abuse, catastrophes, shelters, etc).

Although our providers are able to utilize resources available in dealing with crisis, we are not trained in "Crisis Intervention" as this is equivelant to a medical emergency, and require immediate attention.  We do not recommend waiting to speak with us directly if you or someone you know are in crisis.  Seek IMMEDIATE assistance using one of the methods listed above.